Vegetable Dishes


Vegetarian Dishes 1920's

Bananas Fried

Items required; - Bananas peeled, oil or butter in which to fry, poached eggs.

Cooking method; - Cut the bananas into pieces and flour each piece, fry in oil or butter to a light brown in a frying pan, drain well and serve with poached eggs the same way as bacon and eggs. Preparation time, 20 minutes.

Bananas Savoury

Peel and cut the bananas in half or quarters, season with salt and paprika mixed pepper. Melt some butter into a saucepan and cook the bananas for between 10 and 15 minutes. Drain and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley, serve hot.

Preparation time, 15 minutes.

Bean Croquettes

Items required;- Boiled haricot beans [an left over can be used], breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, onion, egg and frying oil.

Cooking method; - Mash or sieve the beans, add sufficient breadcrumbs, a little fried and chopped onion, pepper and salt to produce a stiff mixture. Shape the mixture into balls or flat cakes and cover in egg and breadcrumbs, fry in hot oil. Serve with sauce or gravy, with fried parsley as a garnish. In the place of beans, split peas or lentils can be used, parsley and herbs and lemon rind can be added, serve hot.

Beans and Tomatoes

Items required; - Baked or boiled haricot beans, 1 oz of flour, half an oz of butter, half a pint of water in which the beans were cooked, and two tablespoonful of tomato sauce.

Cooking method; - Strain the beans, thicken the liquor with flour or flour and butter then add the tomato sauce, allow the mixture to boil. Put in the beans and serve hot, cooked macaroni may be used instead of beans.

Beans Curried

Items required; - Half a pint of haricot beans, half a carrot, one apple, one onion, a tablespoonful of oil or vegetable butter, one dessertspoonful of flour and curry powder, quarter pint of water plus rice to suit.

Cooking method; - Cook the beans in a slow oven with water until they are soft, grate or chop the vegetables up very finely. Heat up the oil and add the vegetables, fry for about five minutes, then put in the flour and curry and lastly the water or an equal quantity of the liquid in which the beans were boiled. Boil and thicken the liquid, then add the beans, make sure everything is hot. and serve with a boarder of rice. Cooking time is about one hour.

Bread Cutlets

Items required; - Slices of bread, milk, nutmeg, pepper, chopped parsley, herbs and lemon rind, egg and bread crumbs, oil for frying.

Cooking method; - Cut slices of bread about three quarters of an inch thick. Soak in a little milk, but do not allow to become to wet and crumble. Mix the parsley, herbs, lemon-rind, spice and bread crumbs. Break an egg onto a plate and dip each slice into it, then into the breadcrumb mixture, and fry. Drain on a paper and serve hot with a green vegetable. Preparation time 30 minutes.

Carrot Pudding

Items required; - Boiled carrots, half their bulk in bread crumbs, I or 2 eggs, pepper and salt, 2oz of vegetable butter and Béchamel sauce.

Cooking method; - Boil some carrots until soft then chop them small or rub them through a sieve. Add breadcrumbs, butter and eggs in sufficient quantity to bind the whole mixture together, season to taste. If eggs are not used add 2 tablespoonfuls of flour with a little milk. Grease a pudding basin and pour the mixture in and steam for one to one and a half hours [according to size]. Serve hot and pour on Béchamel sauce.

Forcemeat Fritters

Items required; - 8 oz of soft breadcrumbs, 3 oz of butter or margarine, 2 eggs, quarter pint of milk, 1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley, I teaspoonful of finely chopped parsley, 1 teaspoonful of finely chopped leek or onion, I teaspoonful of chopped or powdered mixed herbs, 2 or three mushrooms sliced and fried in oil or vegetable butter, salt and pepper to taste.

Cooking method; - Rub the butter or margarine into the breadcrumbs, add the parsley, leeks, herbs and seasoning [to taste]. Stir in the eggs and milk; shape the mixture into fingers and fry in hot butter. Serve hot with slices of fried mushrooms, brown sauce and red currant jelly.

Lentil Curried

Items required; - Three quarters pint of lentils, half a pint of curry sauce.

Cooking method; - Soak the lentils overnight in about one and a half pints of cold or tepid water, then cooking until it becomes a pulp. Make the curry sauce and stir in the lentils and cook for a few minutes, serve hot.

Mushroom Pudding

Items required; - Three quarters of a lb of flour, 6 oz of chopped white vegetable butter, one teaspoonful of baking powder, cold water, one quart of button or cup mushrooms [washed and peeled], salt and pepper.

Cooking method; - Make a crust with flour, baking powder and 5 oz of butter. Grease a pudding Basin and put in the mushrooms with the remaining butter, season to taste. Moisten and finish off like a beefsteak pudding, boil or steam for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Nut Mince

Items required; - Half a lb of any kind of nuts or mixed nuts, 6 oz of dry breadcrumbs, I grated onion, I tablespoonful of mushroom or similar ketchup, about three quarters of a pint of vegetable stock, 1oz vegetable butter, mashed potatoes and croutons of bread, salt and pepper.

Cooking method; - Melt the butter in a frying pan and fry the nuts [pass them through a nut mill first], breadcrumbs and onion to a pale brown; then add the ketchup, seasoning and sufficient stock at allow the mixture to cook for a few minutes. Heat a plate and make a border with the mashed [hot] and place the nut mixture in the centre and garnish with croutons, serve very hot. Cooking time 20 minutes.

Potato Omelette

Items required; - 1 large potato, 2 or 3 eggs, 1 oz of white vegetable butter, lemon juice, nutmeg, salt and pepper.

Cooking method; - Bake the potato in its skin, pass the inner through a fine sieve and mix with the yolks of the eggs, a few drops of lemon juice, pinch of nutmeg and seasoning to taste. Whisk the whites of the eggs and stir in, them fry the omelette in hot butter, or bake the omelette in the oven.

Potato Pie

Items required; - 2 lb of potatoes, 1 onion, 1 stick of celery, 1 oz of vegetable butter, 1 oz sago or tapioca, seasoning, milk and water and short crust pastry to cover.

Cooking method; -Slice the potatoes and celery, fry the onions in butter and then fill a pie dish, at the same time sprinkle in the sago or tapioca and season to taste. Fill up the dish with milk or water and cover with pastry, bake in a good oven for at least one hour.

Potatoes with Cheese

Items required; - 1 lb of boiled potatoes, 2 tablespoonfuls of milk, 3 oz of grated cheese, browned breadcrumbs, 1 oz vegetable butter, salt and pepper.

Cooking method; - Mash the potatoes while hot, add the milk, butter and cheese together with seasoning. Grease a dish and spread the breadcrumbs to form a base. Fill with the potatoes, sprinkle over with cheese and add a small amount of butter. Bake in a good oven for at least 30 minutes and serve hot.

Rice Savoury

Items required; - half a lb of rice, I small onion, 3 tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, 3 tablespoonfuls of tomato sauce, a dessertspoonful of chopped parsley and herbs, cayenne and salt, 2 oz. white vegetable butter.

Cooking method; -Boil the rice in water with the onion chopped finely. When tender, and the water has nearly gone stir in the other ingredients. The rice should be firm enough to make a mound on a dish, serve hot. Cooking time 30 minutes.

Tomato and Onion Pie

Items required; - 2 Spanish onions, 2 lb of firm tomatoes, breadcrumbs, vegetable butter and seasoning.

Cooking method; - Peel the onions, cover them with boiling water and let them remain so for at least two hours, then drain and dry, cut the onions into slices. Heat up I oz of butter in the frying pan, then fry the onions to light brown. Slice the tomatoes and place them in alternate layers with the onions in a greased pie dish. Sprinkle each layer lightly with salt and pepper, then thickly cover with breadcrumbs, add a few small piece of butter and bake in a moderate hot oven for 1 hour. Cooking time 4 hours.

Vegetable Pie

Items required; - 1 onion, 1 carrot, 1 stick of celery, hand full of green peas, half an oz of sago or tapioca, 1 oz. of vegetable butter, short crust pastry.

Cooking method; - Cut into small piece and stew the above ingredient together in a little water until they are three quarters cooked. Place in a pie dish and cover with a crust and bake like a meat pie until the crust is baked. The vegetables can be changed to suit the growing season.


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