Cookery Book

Egg & Sago Mould

1 pint of milk
3 tablespoon sugar
5 or 6 tablespoon of fine sago
2 eggs
Vanilla flavouring

Boil sago, milk and sugar until they thicken. Add the eggs well beaten, boil again for 5 minutes. Add flavouring and pour into a mould to set. Serve with stewed fruit.

Banana Trifle

Cut the sponge cakes into slices and put some in a suitable glass dish to form a layer at the bottom. Then make a layer of peeled and sliced bananas, sprinkle over with lemon juice. Continue this, until four sponge cakes and three bananas are used. Then pour over them one pint of hot custard, decorate the top to taste and serve when cold.


Use six sponge cakes, split them and spread with raspberry jam or similar, then soak in sherry wine. Make a jelly and pour over the sponge cakes, when set pour over a pint of custard followed by a Jill [4 to a pint] of whipped cream. Decorate with cherries and violets.

French Pancakes

2 ounces Butter.
2 ounces Sugar.
2 ounces Flour.
2 Eggs. Pinch of salt.
Quarter pint of water.

Put the butter and sugar into a basin and beat well together, then add one egg and beat well again. Next add the flour, mix in well and add the milk, a little at a time. Let the mixture stand for one hour, well grease six saucers and pour the batter in and bake for twenty minutes, turn out and serve with raspberry jam between.

Lemon Cheese

6 Eggs.
4 ounces of margarine.
1 lb of caster sugar.
Juice of three lemons.
Rind of two large lemons.

Put all the ingredients into a large earthenware jar and stand in boiling water, stir continuously until the mixture thickens like honey, this will be about 30 minutes. This will produce about two and a half pounds of lemon cheese.

Chocolate Mould

One pint of milk.
One and a half ounces corn flour.
One and a half ounces sugar.
One and a half or two ounces of chocolate.

Put the milk and chocolate into saucepan, preferably not an iron one. Mix the corn flour with a little drop of cold milk then when the remaining milk is boiling, pour in the mixed corn flour. Return to the saucepan and boil for a minute or two stirring all the time adding the sugar at the same time. Pour into a wet mould, turn out when cold and serve with custard or cream.


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