1926 Recipes - Savouries

Herring Roes on Toast

Fry bread quarter inch thick and cut to any fancy shape you choose, place in boiling fat. Remove when cooked, place a small piece of soft herring roe on each, dredge slightly with flour and place under a grill to brown and serve hot.

Surprise Eggs

Frying time 2 minutes.

  • Quarter pound sausage meat
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 4 rounds fried bread

Boil the eggs for ten minutes, soak in water before removing shells. Roll the shelled eggs in flour then cover with sausage meat keeping in a nice shape. Brush the meat with beaten egg and roll in breadcrumbs and then cook in boiling fat until brown. Fry the bread in boiling fat, cut the eggs carefully through the middle and then stand them on a piece of bread.

Egg Fritters

Frying time 1 minute.

  • 3 hard-boiled eggs
  • Some fat rashers of bacon
  • Frying batter

Slice the eggs into thin rings, then add a small ring of fat bacon on top of each egg ring, dust with flour and carefully dip in batter. Place the rings in a wire basket and then into boiling fat, cook until brown.

To Poach an Egg in Fat

Frying time 1 minute.

Heat up the fat in a pan, but not to boiling, break the egg into a cup and let it slide into the hot fat. After one minute remove the egg with a spatula or similar, it should be firm. If a harder egg is required then return the egg to the fat [note an egg cooked this way remains white in colour].

Scotch Eggs

Cooking time 10 minutes.

Grease some small upright tins, sprinkle the inside and bottom with parsley and very finely chopped ham. Break the eggs and drop one in each tin, then place in boiling water. The water should only come up to half way, fry some rounds of bread in boiling fat, then ease the eggs from the containers onto the bread.

Curried Egg

Cooking time 15 minutes

Make a curry sauce by frying a small onion, a teaspoonful of flour and curry powder in one ounce of butter. Boil some eggs hard and then shell and cut into four quarter. Place them in a hot dish and pour the curry sauce over then, arrange a border of rice around the rim.

Bacon and Sausage Kromeskies

Place a small quantity of sausage meat in the centre of a rasher of bacon, dust with flour and roll up tightly. Place the rolls on a skewer with bacon with a space between each, dip in batter and cook in boiling fat until brown.

Pork Rissoles

Cooking time 3 to 4 minutes.

Pass one pound of cooked pork, half a pound of stale breadcrumbs, half a teaspoonful of powdered sage and parsley and one large boiled potato through a mincer, add pepper and salt to taste then bind with a little beaten egg. Flour the hands and form the mixture into cork shapes and apply breadcrumbs, cook in boiling fat until brown.

Anchovy Croutes

Cut some stale bread into cutlet shapes and fry in boiling fat. Spread with anchovy butter and pile finely chopped hard-boiled egg in the centre of each cutlet. Dust with cayenne and serve hot.