1926 Recipes - Poultry and Game

Hints on Cooking

These should be well dried and dusted with flour before being cooked. Lower the gas as soon as they are placed in boiling fat and cooked slowly. Cooking time should start after the birds have been turned. In the case of rabbit the head should be cut off, then soaked for half an hour and trussed up like a joint of meat.

Birds cooked this way are done to perfection, when cooked in an oven there is always a risk of the breast getting dry before the legs are cooked, this method allows the steam to slowly cook the whole bird and keeps the breast soft.

Roast Fowl

Cooking time 20 to 25 minutes.

Truss the fowl as short as possible, rub it well with flour and shake off the surplus, then put in boiling fat breast downwards. Reverse after one minute and turn twice during cooking [note without a lid]. Lower the gas after five minutes and turn off for the last ten minutes, to rest, insert a fork between the thigh and body, if it breaks easily it is cooked. Serve with rolls of bacon, which have been cooked on a skewer.

Roast Chicken

Cooking time 4 to 5 minutes.

Rub some flour into the skin of small asparagus chicken and drop into boiling fat, lower the gas and cook until tender, serve on toast with a rasher of bacon.

Roast Pigeon

Cooking time 12 to 15 minutes.

Cook as for roast fowl.

Roast Rabbit

Cooking to 10 to 15 minutes.

Soak a young rabbit in cold water for half an hour, cut off the neck and head and tie the legs together. Tie into a round shape, dry in a cloth and dust with flour, cook in boiling fat. Time will vary according to size and age of the rabbit, pour over thick gravy or onion sauce and serve.

Roast Pheasant

Cooking time 15 to 20 minutes.

Truss like a fowl, rub with flour and cook in boiling fat for one minute then lower the gas. Turn once or twice during cooking. This type of bird requires a lot of basting, so it is perfect for cooking in deep fat. Partridge, Guinea fowl and grouse may be cooked in the same way. Serve with bread sauce.

Boiled Fowl—roasted

Cooking time according to age.

Boil an old fowl from for one to one and a half hours, then let it go cold. Dry well and flour, cook in boiling fat until brown and tender [note, drain any liquid from the bird before putting it into the fat, for safety reasons].

Boiled Fowl

Cooking 20 to 30 minutes.

Truss the bird up with the legs pushed inside, rub the breast with lemon juice, wrap in a muslin cloth, then place in hot water and bring to the boil; then lower the gas and simmer gently skim the liquid as required. Pour white sauce over and serve with boiled bacon or ham.

Roast Turkey

Cooking time according to size.

A small turkey can be cooked the same way as a roast fowl, stuff the breast with sausage meat, dry well before placing the turkey in the fat.