1926 Recipes - Entrees

Beef Olives

  • Cooking time 45 minutes
  • One pound of fillet of beef
  • One ounce of white crumbs
  • One ounce of chopped suet
  • One ounce of butter
  • Chopped parsley
  • Pinch of thyme
  • Tablespoonful of flour
  • Teaspoonful of grated lemon rind
  • One beaten egg
  • One pint of stock or Bovril
  • Pepper and salt

Cut the beef into long thin strips three to four inches long and about two and a half inches wide. Bat out the meat until flat. Mix all dry ingredients together in a basin and bind with egg. Spread a portion of forcemeat on each strip of beef, roll up tightly and tie each piece with cotton. Make the butter hot, and fry the beef olives a nice brown. Pour the stock over and simmer for about three quarters of an hour. Thicken with flour, add a little sauce, season and serve. Dish on a long roll of mashed potatoes nicely forked at the sides, and serve gravy in a sauceboat.

Chicken Cutlets

  • Half a pound of ham, cooked
  • Cold chicken
  • One and a half ounces of butter
  • Half a pint of stock
  • Flour
  • One egg well beaten
  • Chopped parsley
  • Seasoning

Mince the meat finely, add flour to the stock until it thickens. Mix all the ingredients and bind with part of the beaten egg. When cold, shape like cutlets and add egg and breadcrumbs. Cook in boiling fat until brown. Place an inch of macaroni in the end to represent a bone and place a small cutlet frill on the end.

Rump Steak

Cooking time 3 to 4 minutes.

Soak a thick piece of rump steak in equal proportion of oil and vinegar and leave for one hour. Wipe off and cook in boiling fat to suit, then turn off the gas and it will finish cooking in its own heat.

Mutton Cutlets

Cooking time 3 to 4 minutes.

One pound best end neck mutton, shape, and trim into cutlets, dust with flour and apply egg and breadcrumbs. Heat the fat, shake off any loose breadcrumbs and place the cutlets in a basket then in the fat, cook until brown, remove and drain. Serve with mashed potatoes, decorate with green peas and tomato sauce.

Lamb cutlets

Cooking time 2 to 4 minutes.

Rub some flour well into small cutlets which have been cut from the best end of the neck or loin and put them in boiling fat. After one-minute turn off the gas and leave to cook without any further heat, serve with potato straws.

Little Steaks

Cooking time 2 minutes.

Cut some nice round pieces from a fillet of beef, dust with flour and a little salt. Put in boiling fat, and at once turn off the gas, they will be sufficiently cooked after two minutes. Serve on toast cut to the size of the steaks.

Curried Meat

Cooking time 30 to forty minutes.

  • Cold meat
  • One tablespoonful of flour
  • One tablespoonful curry powder
  • On hard boiled egg
  • One teaspoonful of chutney
  • Two ounces of dripping
  • Half a pint of water or stock
  • Two onions
  • One apple
  • Pepper and salt

Cook the onions slightly in hot fat, add the flour, curry powder, apple and seasoning. Pour in stock gradually and cook slowly with the lid on for about twenty minutes. Cut the meat into neat pieces and put in with other ingredients and simmer until the meat is tender. Place in a deep dish and lay a border of rice around the outside. Cut the egg lengthwise into four pieces and lay around the end with sprigs of parsley.

Boiled Rabbit

Cooking time 45 to 60 minutes [according to size and age]

Clean and truss the rabbit as small as possible, put into warm water and bring to the boil. Put in a sliced onion and a few peppercorns, cook slowly and add a few slices of pickled pork, serve with onion sauce.