1926 Recipes - Egg Dishes

Creamed Eggs in Cases

Three stale French rolls cut through the middle. Scoop out the middle crumbs and fry in fat until crisp. Fill up will scrambled egg, dust over the cayenne and finely chopped parsley, serve hot.

Egg Cutlets

Two hard-boiled eggs finely chopped and mixed with two tablespoonful of grated cheese, half a teaspoonful chopped parsley, one teaspoonful Worchester sauce and a raw egg. Mix and bind with a beaten egg. Flour the board and shape the mixture into cutlets then apply egg and breadcrumbs. Cook in boiling fat until brown and serve with tomato sauce.

Economical Scrambled Eggs

One tablespoonful of milk, one dessertspoonful of white crumbs, one egg, one ounce butter and salt. Soak the crumbs in milk for a few minutes add the egg and season and beat well. Heat the butter and pour into a container and stir until the mixture sets, serve with buttered toast.