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Simple Salads

Andalusian Salad

Method; Peel the vegetables and mince together, then add oil, vinegar and season to taste. Place in a dish and rub in the yolk of the egg through a sieve over the top of the ingredients.

Beetroot Salad

Method; Cut the beetroot and egg into slices. Arrange alternatively around a dish, season to taste and pour over a little oil and vinegar. Serve within an hour.

Picture of Lobster Salad

Lobster Salad

Method; Wash and dry the salad and place in a dish or bowl with the meat from the claws and a little from the body, also some of the cucumber sliced. Pour over a little of the dressing, mix and garnish with cucumber, beetroot, nice pieces of lobster from the body. To finish rub the hard boiled eggs through a sieve over the dish.

Summer Salad

Method; Wash and dry all the vegetables. Cut into small pieces or if preferred the lettuce and cress may be left whole; cut up the tomatoes, cucumber and eggs and place in a bowl; pour over the salad dressing.

Winter Salad

Method; Mince the onion finely, cut up the celery mix together in a dish with the cress; garnish with the beetroot and egg, then pour over the vinegar and oil. Note Mayonnaise sauce may be used instead of vinegar and oil.

Salad Dressing

Method; Mince the yolk, add the mustard and sugar, mix well, then add the oil and cream, lastly add the vinegar very carefully.