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Feb 17th, 2012:
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Boiled Rice for Curries

Patna rice will be found to be the best rice for curries. It must be washed thoroughly and thrown into plenty of boiling water containing one teaspoonful of salt per quart and a few drops of lemon juice. Boil for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until the grain of rice will break between the fingers and thumb. Drain into a wire sieve and pour over little cold water, dry thoroughly, shaking to keep the grains separate. Serve as a vegetable.

Browning [caramel]

Put quarter pound of sugar into an iron pan with two tablespoonful of water; heat until it turns a dark brown mixing all the time, add a quarter pint of water to the mixture and allow the sugar to dissolve.
When cold pour into a bottle ready for use, if the volume is insufficient add a little more water. Paisian Browning Essence which can be obtained at any Italian warehouse is one of the best browning and saves the trouble of making.

Chestnut, forcemeat

Method; Roast and peel the chestnuts then pound them and add the onion, grated ham, butter, parsley, mace and seasoning. Mix well and use for turkey or fowl.


Method; Mix the mustard and salt into the coffee, place in a jug and pour over one and a half pints of boiling water, pour a small amount once or twice into a cup and back into the jug, allow to settle. Serve with boiling milk.

Coffee [Turkish]

Method; The coffee should be freshly roasted and finely ground or alternately pounded in a motar, then sifted through a muslin or fine hair sieve. Place the coffee into a pan with the salt, milk and cold water , bring to the boil, remove from the heat for one minute, boil again and remove again, bring to the boil again and pour into a coffee pot and serve without straining.
Note;- Turkish coffee made proper, is made in the above manner, but much stronger and without milk.

Custard [cheap]

Method; Wet the cornflower with a little milk, then add the remaining milk and boil for about three minutes. Beat up the egg with the sugar and then add to the cornflower mixture, pour into a container and stand in boiling water stir until it coats a spoon, then add the flavouring, pour into a dish or custard glasses.

Custard [rich]

Method; Beat up the eggs, add the milk and sugar and pour into a pan of boiling water, stir continually until it coats the spoon adding the essence. Pour into a dish or glasses.

Frying Batter

Method; Mix the flour to a smooth constituencies [a little thicker than cream] using the eggs and milk. Whip up the white of the egg [stiff] and add a little flavouring [use salt and pepper for a savoury dish and flavouring if for a sweet]. All batters are better made some two hours before use.

Lemon Cheese

Method; Beat up the eggs and place in a saucepan with the other ingredients then stir over a gentle heat until the mixture thickens, then pour into a jar for keeping.


Method; Stone and mince the raisins then mixed together with the suet, apples, candied peel, almonds and sultanas. Then mix in the currants, sugar, spice , lemon and orange rind, brandy, sherry and the orange and lemon juice. Place the mixture in jars and cover, then leave for a minimum of three weeks, however the longer he better.


Take about twelve Seville and two sweet oranges and divide into quarters, remove the pips and cover with water and allow to stand overnight. Cut the fruit into fine shreds and place in a deep dish then add three pints of water to each pound of fruit and allow to stand for twenty- four hours. Boil until everything is tender about forty five minutes, then allow the mixture to stand overnight then add the water that has been covering the pips. Weigh the mixture and allow one and a quarter pounds of caster sugar to each pound and boil for three-quarters of an hour or until the juice is set. Place in jars and cover. Note, adding the juice of two lemons does improve the flavour.

Puree of Apples

Method; Peel and core the apples then cut into slices, place in an enamelled pan with the cloves, sugar and a little water, then boil until tender. Rub through a wire sieve ready for use.

Savoury Suet Balls

Method; Mix all the ingredients together with cold water and then form into small or large balls to suit personal taste. Cook the balls in stews or gravy allowing from half to one hour according to size.