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Feb 17th, 2012:
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Meat Dishes

Fillets of beef a la Rossine

Method; Mix the potatoes with half an egg, half an ounce of butter, pepper and salt. Form a round cake about seven inches in diameter and one inch thick with a pyramid in the centre. Place on a baking sheet, brush over with the remaining egg and bake for half an hour or until brown. Divide the beef into neat fillets half an inch thick. Heat the remaining butter in a frying pan and fry the fillets very quickly to a nice brown on both sides, remove from the pan and keep hot. Put the flour into a pan and brown, then add the stock, pepper and salt; Boil up, and strain into a small pan adding the mushrooms, which must be peeled and stems removed, simmer slowly for ten minutes. Remove the mushrooms and boil the gravy quickly until it reduces to about one third in volume.
Arrange the casserole of potatoes in the centre of the dish and the fillets of beef around the potato pyramid. Put some mushrooms on a hatlet skewer and place in the middle of the potato pyramid and garnish the dish with the remainder. Strain the gravy over or berries instead of the hatlet skewer.

Fillets of Beef with Mixed Vegetables

Picture of Fillets of Beef with Mixed Vegetables

Method; Divide the vegetables into pieces the size and shape of an olive, boil or steam separately until tender. Divide the meat into neat pieces, allow a small piece of fat to each fillet, heat the butter in a frying pan and quickly fry the fillets together with the fat. Dish round a dish with a piece of fat on each; add to part of the butter the flour, half an ounce of glaze, quarter pint of stock and season with salt and pepper to taste; boil for five minutes and strain over the fillets. Drain the vegetables, place in one pan with about one ounce of butter from the fillets and about quarter ounce of glaze, shake until the glaze has dissolved. Place the vegetables in the centre of the fillets and serve hot.

Minced Beef with Egg Garnish

Picture of Minced Beef with Egg Garnish

Method; Heat the butter in a pan and then brown the finely chopped onions, add the flour and when brown add the stock and wine. Boil for two or three minutes, then add the lemon juice, orange rind, steak and mushrooms and finally the seasoning to taste; simmer for a further three quarters of an hour. Pile together in the centre of a dish and cover with the yolk of the eggs which have been pressed through a fine wire sieve. Place around the outer base of the dish some rounds or diamonds of toasted bread which have been buttered, and a little of Liebig Company Extract of Meat all covered with finely chopped eggs. Place the dish into an oven to heat through. Just before the dish is served sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Porterhouse Steak

Picture of Porterhouse Steak

Note, This steak can be served as a stand alone dish, the steak is cut from the sirloin right through the bone, should have a good piece of undercut in it and be a good inch thick. Season with salt and pepper and grill on both sides, baste with dripping. Garnish with cress and chip potatoes, serve hot.
Alternately the following can be used;-

Method; Cut the bacon into lardoons one inch long, apply lard to one side of the steak. Slice up the vegetables and place into a stew pan together with cloves, seasoning and the garlic [bruised], lay the steak on top [larding uppermost]. Pour in a small amount of stock, cover tightly and bake in a slow oven or simmer gently for one hour. When cooked lift out the steak and crisp the bacon by placing under a grill for a few minutes. Remove any excess fat, then add the remaining stock and boil up, put the steak on a hot dish add the vegetables and strain over the gravy.

Stewed Steak

Picture of Stewed Steak

Method; Heat the butter in a pan and quickly fry the steak then remove, the sliced vegetables and fry and add the flour and stock. Bring to the boil and add the steak and simmer gently for at least one hour or until the meat is tender. Lift out the steak and season the vegetables and gravy, stir, add the vegetables to the meat and serve hot.

Stuffed Steak with Mushrooms

Picture of Stuffed Steak with Mushrooms

Method; Heat up the butter in a frying pan and cut up small either the mushrooms or tomatoes and fry. Add next the seasoning, breadcrumb and parsley, insert a very sharp knife into the edge of the steak and create a pocket, fill with forcemeat; place a little butter on top and grill both sides of the steak.
Serve with butter, alternately the meat may be garnished with mushrooms.

Polish Stew

Method; Mince the beef, suet, onions and garlic and mix together, then form into a roll, brush with an egg, then roll in the breadcrumbs. Place in a pan with half a pint of stock or water together with a little Liebig Company Extract of Meat, bake for half an hour. Peel and cut up the potatoes small, season and place around the roll and cook until they are soft. Serve with the meat in the centre and the potatoes and gravy around the outside.

Spanish Stew

Method; Mince and mix together the steak, bacon, garlic and parsley, whip up the eggs and add enough to bind the mixture together. Form into balls and dip into the remaining egg ball, then roll them in the breadcrumbs and fry for one minute to set. Then place in a pan with the stock and tomatoes, season and add a little Liebig Co. Extract of Meat, stew for at least thirty minutes. Remove and place on a dish and strain the gravy over the meat balls.

Tripe and Onions

Method; Simmer the tripe and onions in milk until it is tender, this should be about thirty minutes. Add seasoning and flour and boil up.

Curried Lamb

Method: Remove the bones from the lamb and divide into squares of about one inch. Heat the butter in a pan and fry the lamb until it is brown, remove. Fry the onions, then add the curry powder. cocoanut, apple [peeled, cored and minced], sugar, stock and lamb, and simmer slowly for thirty to forty five minutes. Remove any fat and add the salt and lemon, stir, serve heaped on a plate and pour the sauce around. Serve with a side dish of curried rice.