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Feb 17th, 2012:
Bread Cheesecake


Almond Paste

Method; Mix the almonds and sugar together then add the essence and enough egg white to mix into a stiff paste. Turn out onto a baking board and work with the hand until the paste is smooth. Form into a round shape of the cake and place on top, smooth with a knife. If the cake is firm it may be covered with royal icing at once, see below. If soft leave in a warm room for a few days then ice.

Royal Icing

Method; Pass the sugar through a fine sieve or a piece of muslin into a bowl; add the lemon juice and almond essence; then add the whites of an egg one at a time until the mixture is of the right consistency to keep its shape when dropped from a spoon. Beat for fifteen minutes, then apply the icing to the cake and smooth out with icing knife dipped in cold water. Decorate the cake by means of an icing bag and nozzles.

Water, Chocolate, Cocoanut, Almond and Coffee Icing

Method; Put the sugar into a saucepan and slightly warm, if being used for water icing add a few drops of vanilla or what is suitable for the cake to be iced, the icing is now ready for use. For chocolate icing add a little powdered chocolate or cocoa essence. For cocoanut icing use a little grated cocoanut. For almond icing a few powder almonds and some essences should be used. For coffee icing use strong coffee in place of the water.

Orange Icing

To make this flavour of icing use the above method using orange juice instead of water.

Butter Icing

Method; Beat the butter and sugar into a cream and add the spirit, coffee essence, lemon juice, orange juice or any other flavour.

Brown Bread Ice

Method; Dissolve the sugar in the milk in some warm milk, allow to go cold, add the cream essence and crumbs, stir together and freeze.

Tangerine Ice

Method; Peel the oranges thinly, boil the milk and add the orange rind and allow to stand for fifteen minutes; boil up again and add to the beaten yolks, then add the sugar and orange pulp, strain through a fine sieve. When cold freeze.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Method; Add to the custard while hot the quarter pound of sugar and stir well, when cold add the cream and vanilla, mix well and freeze.

Lemon Water Ice

Method; Peel the lemons as thinly as possible, then put the rind into a basin with the sugar and water and allow to stand until cold; mix in the lemon juice strain and freeze.

Ice Pudding

Method; When making the custard use only the four ounces of sugar, set the custard aside until cold then add the cream and flavouring, mix well. Half freeze and put in the fruit which has been cut up into small pieces together with the pistachio nuts and finish freezing; press lightly into a copper mould which has been standing in ice and salt. Cover with a tight fitting lid which should be sealed with lard and then embedded in ice and salt for several hours. When required break away the lard and remove the lid, dip the mould in cold or slightly warm water, turn out and serve. If the lid is stuck use a warm towel to free.