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Fish Dishes

Baked Haddock

Picture of Baked Haddock

Method; Clean, scrape and wash the fish, make a forcemeat with the rest of the ingredients excepting the butter and stock. Put the forcemeat inside the fish and sew up to retain the forcemeat. Lay on a well greased tin and pour the stock around, cut the butter into small pieces and place on top of the fish then bake for twenty to thirty minutes. When serving sprinkle the fish with brown breadcrumbs and pour the gravy around.

Boiled Cod

Picture of Boiled Cod

Have the fish well cleaned and salted inside for an hour or so before cooking. Put on a drainer in a fish kettle and pour around enough cold water to cover it, adding one teaspoonful of salt to each quart of water and a few drips of lemon juice. Simmer slowly allowing about ten minutes to each pound of fish; however this time depends on the thickness; if very thick allow longer. Lift out and allow to drain, serve and garnish with parsley and cut lemon, it can be served with oyster, shrimp or lobster sauce.
Note; - The head and shoulders are often used for this dish.

Curried Fish

Method; Fry the fish in butter, then remove it and fry the onion to a nice brown then add the curry and fry slightly, followed by the cocoanut, stock, sugar and salt and boil for fifteen minutes. Divide the fish into large flaked and add the curry and boil for five minutes, then add the lemon juice and serve.

Fried Fillets of Sole

Pictur of Fried Fillets of Sole

Method; Skin the sole on both sides, cut down the centre of the fish from the head to the tail, and gently raise the fillets keeping the knife close to the bone. Wash the fillets and dry thoroughly, cut each fillet into two and roll up, or cut into a diamond shape according to taste. Roll in the flour and brush all over with beaten egg which has been seasoned with salt and pepper. Place enough fat in a frying pan to cover the fillets and heat until it is smoking; place the fillets in a frying basket and immerse in the fat for four to five minutes or until it takes on a golden colour. Serve hot and decorate with parsley.

Fish Cakes

Picture of Fish Cakes

Ingredients; Put the potatoes in a bowl and add the fish, salt, pepper and parsley, stir up and add the butter melted, and about two teaspoonful of the beaten egg. Mix well, dust the hands with flour and form the mixture into balls, then flatten into cakes half an inch thick. Brush over with beaten egg, then roll in the bread crumbs and fry to a nice light brown, using enough smoking fat to cover them.

Lobster Cutlets

Picture of Lobster Cutlets

Method If a fresh lobster is used, remove the meat from the shell and reserve the claws for garnishing. Mince the meat, put the butter into a saucepan, when melted mix the flour and milk and boil for three minutes. Then add the cream, lemon juice, pepper, salt and cayenne, mix all together then add the lobster. Spread on a large dinner plate and allow to cool. When cool, divide into twelve equal parts and form into the shape of mutton cutlets with a knife. Beat up the egg and brush over each cutlet, then roll the cutlets in the breadcrumbs. Place in a wire basket and fry in smoking hot fat [covering the cutlets] to a nice light brown and drain on soft paper. Place in the end of each cutlet a stem of parsley and serve.

Shrimp Croquettes

Picture of Shrimp Croquettes

Method; Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the flour and stir until smooth, then add the stock and boil well; add the seasoning, cream and shrimps which have been slightly minced. When cooked spread out on a plate to cool and set; when firm, form into pieces about the size and shape of a bottle cork and brush over with the beaten egg and roll in the bread crumbs. Place in a frying basket and fry in smoking fat, lift out and drain; garnish with parsley and lemon.

Mayonnaise of Salmon

Picture of Mayonnaise of Salmon

Scale and clean the fish, place in boiling water containing a little salt and lemon; boil gently allowing eight to ten minutes per pound of fish [this could vary according to size of fish. Lift out and drain, then remove the skin, when cold cover completely with mayonnaise sauce. Serve on a bed of aspic jelly or chopped aspic and garnish with cucumber, tomatoes, lobster coral, hard boiled eggs or any green salad. Salmon steaks may be steamed and dressed when cold in the same way.