Why Recipes Past and Present?

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Welcome to our new recipe web site, this will run in tandem with our very popular existing Wootton Bridge Historical web site.

The need to create this separate site is because of the universal appeal of cookery recipes on our existing site. The new site is entitled “Recipes Past and Present” and we will contain all the original recipes, and we will continue our search to find more old recipes. However the new title gives more web space and allow for the inclusion of slightly more modern recipes.

So why have we chosen to preserve cooking recipes? As you will see within the site content, this was due to the discovery of an old hand written book kept by my mother. In my opinion this book was historic in its own right, and deserved to be preserved and this applies to the other old recipes we have found At the end of the First World War there were no deep freezers, fridges or convenient foods and a lot of home grown produce was used and improvisation was the name of the game. For a young family, money was tight, and mothers invariably stayed at home to look after the children. So many of the recipes used were handed down from grandma.

We would like to invite all our visitors, wherever you are, to contribute your own recipes, so that others may benefit. Our aim, is to create a web site with an international flavour with recipes from around the world, so everyone may experience different cuisines and cooking methods, can you help us fulfil this goal.

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