1930's Recipes - Salads

Grated Carrot Balls with Cheese

Peel and prepare two medium size carrots together with half an onion, the yolks of two hard boiled eggs and cayenne to taste; also add cream cheese to suit taste.
To prepare, grate the carrots and very finely and chop the onion then place in a bowl with other items and mix well, roll into balls, and serve.

Mint Salad Dressing

Use a tablespoonful of mint sauce, two finely chopped chives, three tablespoonful of a mixture of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and a half teaspoon of mustard. Mix the mint sauce and chives with the olive oil and mustard, stir continually until mixed.

Banana with Apples and Ginger Salad

For this you will require, two eating apples, four ripe bananas, a lettuce, half a head of celery, juice from half a lemon, one tablespoon of preserved ginger and syrup, salad cream as required.
Prepare the apples [peel and core], slice horizontally into four rings and place in the lemon juice. Remove the skin and slice the bananas, then chop up the celery and ginger. Mix all ingredients other than the apple rings with the salad cream then lay out the sliced apple rings on pre-washed lettuce leaves and pour over the banana mixture.

Apple and Cheese Salad

Use two eating apples and eight small spring onions, cream cheese to form a mixture, cayenne and four slices of brown bread and butter with the crusts removed.
Peel and core the apples and dice, mince the onions, mix apples and onions with the salad cream and season to taste with cayenne. Serve on the on the four slices of bread with celery and cheese biscuits.

Beetroot and Brazil Nut Salad

To make, obtain three carrots together with one uncooked beetroot and onion. Quarter of a pound of shelled Brazil nuts, one lettuce, juice of half a lemon, two tablespoon of grated cheese and 2 tablespoonful of oil.
Peel the carrots and prepare the onion and beetroot, grate them all into a dish, wash the lettuce and shred, finely chop the nuts. Mix everything in a salad bowl and then add the lemon juice and oil, season to taste with salt and pepper.

Carrot Salad

Peel and thinly slice three large or four medium sized carrots, into a salad bowl and add a dessertspoonful of capers together with French dressing, mix, and then top off with finely chopped parsley.

Celery and Nut Salad

Use a head of celery, wash and cut into fingers, shell a quarter of pounds of walnuts and chop finely. Mix in a salad bowl and add half at teaspoon of mild mustard add cheese and mayonnaise and mix. Place the mixture in the celery sticks and serve.

Danish Salad

Ingredients required, one peeled beetroot, wash half a head of celery, one hard boiled egg, two ounces of macaroni, dessertspoonful of finely chopped capers, salad cream and salt and pepper.

To make, cook the macaroni for thirty minutes in boiling water, adding up to half an ounce of salt to suit taste, then drain and leave to cool.
Slice the beetroot and cut the celery into strips, also the macaroni into one inch lengths. Place in a salad bowl and mix together with the capers, salad cream and salt and pepper to taste. Use finely chopped pieces of beetroot and the boiled egg to decorate.

Egg and Green Pea Salad

Twelve dessertspoonfuls of cooked peas, spoonful of minced spring onion or chives, six hard boiled eggs, a round lettuce washed and split the allowed to drain, plain French dressing.
Cut the eggs lengthwise in half and remove the yolks, fill with cold peas which have already been mixed with the chives and French dressing. Serve the eggs surrounded by lettuce leaves and a little salad dressing add a little grated egg to enhance the presentation.

Egg and Rice Salad

Grate one onion, a bunch of radish, salad cream as required, three hard boiled eggs, one beetroot, half a cucumber, a curly lettuce, salt and pepper as required.
Boil and prepare the rice, then drain and allow to cool, chop the whites of the eggs and rub the yolks through a course sieve using a spoon or similar. When the rice is cold add the onion and season to taste, then mix with salad cream. Arrange the washed lettuce in a salad bowl and add the rice mixture and surround with beetroot, and chopped radish and cucumber, sprinkle with a little salad dressing.

Fig Salad

Half a pound of best dried figs, quarter of a pint of vinegar, small piece of cucumber and celery, two ounces of cold boil rice, two ounces of preserved ginger with syrup, salad cream, pepper and salt.
Soak the fig for twelve hours in vinegar, then cut into quarters, chop the celery and ginger.
Mix the figs, rice, celery and ginger together and season as required then add the salad cream together with any leftover vinegar, place in a dish or bed of lettuce and decorate with cucumber and a little cress.

Italian Salad

One cup of equal amounts of cooked French beans and raw grated carrot, two level tablespoonful of chopped spring onions, two cupful of cold cooked macaroni, French dressing and mayonnaise as required, one curly lettuce, mustard and cress for decoration.
Mix the macaroni and vegetables using French dressing, leave to stand for one hour then line a salad dish with washed lettuce leaves and add the mixture, sprinkle with cress.

Japanese Salad

Peel one eating apple, one large sweet orange, then half a small tin of pineapple, half a pound of ripe English tomatoes, three or four radishes two curly lettuce and salad cream.
Wash the lettuce and arrange in a circle in a salad dish, peel and lay out the orange segments on the lettuce together with the diced pineapple, slice and add the apple together with the peeled and sliced tomatoes, apply salad cream to suit.

Loganberry Salad

Half a pound of loganberries, three bananas, two ounces shelled walnuts, curly lettuce and salad cream. Mix the loganberries and the peeled and sliced bananas in a dish, wash and drain the lettuce.
Place the loganberry and banana mixture in a lettuce leaf and decorate with walnuts and salad cream.

Orange and Lettuce Salad

Half a pound of Victoria or similar type plums, three seedless oranges, a good fresh lettuce, half endive and salad cream as required.
Wash and peel the plums and remove the stones, peel and divide the oranges removing all the pith, Wash and drain the lettuce then shred, mix with the prepared fruit using the salad dressing, place in a salad bowl and decorate with a sprig of endive. As an alternate the oranges can be replaced with tinned grapefruit with the juice removed.

Pineapple Salad

Use a tin of sliced pineapples, a small tin of cherries, in both cases discard the juice, quarter of an grated onion, a washed and drained curly lettuce, bunch of mustard and cress, salad dressing as required. Shred the lettuce and mix with the cress and onion using salad cream, divide into fruit dishes and decorate with pineapples and cherries.